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Why You Should Be Celebrating Christmas with an Asian Woman

asian woman and christmas tree
Experience the wonder of the holidays with a beautiful Asian woman.

You have long wanted to try your hand at dating an Asian woman but haven’t quite mustered up the confidence to begin. The year’s end is closing in and the last thing you want to do is make another New Year’s resolution just to make up for this year’s failed resolution.

A sad reality is that similar to Valentine’s Day, Christmas doesn’t always represent a joyous time for single men. It can in fact be an awkward time - a month-long, multicolored, and brightly lit reminder that life hasn’t been kind to you in the dating department.

There are several reasons why many people will be celebrating this coming Christmas as singles. The first is choice. The year is ending and every company, corporation, and business is pushing hard to meet their goals. Every CEO, manager, and rank and file employee will be grinding hard to meet deadlines and hit quotas. With so much stress to succeed, people are discovering that they have less time and energy to pay attention to their love lives.

Another strong factor for increased singlehood, particularly in the west, is culture. Dating is now fast and instant. People are extremely choosy, limiting their choices to those who align with their politics, beliefs, or high beauty standards.

By all means, the desire to be with Asian women instead - those who embody classically feminine values - is a worthwhile goal. Understandably, stepping out of your comfort zone and onto the stage of international dating can be daunting. So to help quell your doubts, imagine your very next Christmas with your Asian girlfriend looking like this:

You get to teach her new traditions.

Unless the lady you are dating is Christian or is from the Philippines, chances are she isn’t all in depth with the true meaning of Christmas. In non-Christian majority countries like Thailand or China, Christmas hasn’t been made into an official holiday.

It is still a significant event in those countries for purely secular and commercial reasons. Not only is it a novelty to decorate buildings and homes with winteresque ornaments, but it is also an economic opportunity no business will ever put to waste.

So take this chance to do things with her she would otherwise never do in her home country, like the following:

  • Picking out a Christmas tree (a real one) together.

  • Hanging stockings on the wall.

  • Going house to house caroling.

  • Making gingerbread.

  • Leaving cookies and milk out for Santa.

She gets to teach you new traditions.

All relationships are give-and-take, so this Christmas won’t be totally one sided. Every country has special days that fall in December. A good example would be the Winter Solstice (Dongzhi) festival in China, which falls normally on December 21 or 22. If you’re dating someone from northern China, you can celebrate traditionally with a dumpling dinner.

If you are dating a Filipino woman, however, she may be teaching you Christmas traditions you have never experienced before. For example, she may insist on you participating in the Simbang Gabi, which is the series of nine masses leading up to Christmas Day. Waking up early at 4 in the morning to go to church every day of the week may be a tall order, but it’s a great way to show your commitment to your significant other.

Traditions don’t have to be cultural either. You can teach each other special practices that only you and your families do. Even better, you can make your own mixed-culture traditions for yourselves!

You get to try once-in-a-year Asian dishes.

dumpling ingredients
Christmas in Asia means getting to taste a variety of unique and tasty dishes.

In most countries, special meals are reserved only for the holidays. This means that the Christmas cookbook is whipped out only in December. And if you miss the boat on some of these dishes, you are going to have to wait a whole year before you get the chance to try them again.

While many Asian countries don’t have holiday traditions that go way back, they still manage to make Christmas their own. It may be unusual to have Thai curry, fish, and vegetables, topped off with sticky rice with coconut cream, but it will be memorable and interesting.

You may also help your girlfriend out with making spring rolls, dumplings, and roast pork. Filipinos, however, are masters of the holiday feast, rolling out once-a-year cheeses, hams, tarts, and cakes.

Christmas may never be the same boring old thing again with multinational feasts here and there.

You have the best excuse to travel.

Singlehood is miserable. The cold is miserable. The solution to this double misery is to spend Christmas in Asia, in the heart of your girlfriend’s home country. Granted, not all Asian countries are tropical paradises, but those are exceptions.

Imagine living December in flip flops at the beach? Or walking about town in shades and a pair of khakis?

While your friends and family are back home in the deep of winter, you can proudly send them pictures of you relaxing under the tropical sun. This is what Christmas in the Philippines or Thailand actually looks like.

They say Christmas is about family, and that holds true for even the most secular of communities. No doubt your lovely girlfriend will introduce you to her family, something Asians are very big about. Make sure to go in with the right expectations - manners and a respectful attitude are extremely important, especially when dealing with elders.

Choose to make it happen.

asian girl with series lights
Make your dream of dating Asian women into a reality.

Your dreams of being in a strong, loving, and healthy relationship with a beautiful Asian woman and to spend a magical Christmas with her will only remain that - just dreams - until you decide to make them a reality.

You may be spending this Christmas alone, but make sure that won’t be the case next year. So here is your best option to make it happen:

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How long will you wait till you can spend Christmas with your beautiful Asian bride? Decide to choose love today!

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