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Asian women are romantic. Not necessarily hopeless romantic, but you get the drift. They thrive on attention and compliments and even the simplest of dates will make her the happiest woman alive. But when it comes to dating in Asia, how does one know how to act appropriately according to their Asian dating culture?

In a world where cultural differences are a fact of life, it is necessary for us to first understand the workings and inner machinations of their culture in order to make your Asian date a success. Well, something like that anyway. Fancy talk aside, it is important to note that culture plays a big part in Asia’s dating scene. Once you know the Dos and Don’ts of dating in Asia, you should be all set.

Asia’s Dating Etiquette

What differentiates a good date from a bad one? You guessed it, a good date is enjoyable while a bad one is forgettable. In order for you to experience a good date, you will first need to learn about Asia’s dating etiquette. This will give you a perspective on how to act properly during your date.

Here are a few dating etiquettes that you need to remember:

  • Be a gentleman
    As expected, being a gentleman is number one on this list. While this is a no-brainer, some men do forget that they are trying to impress the girl in front of him and somehow end up acting obnoxious. Simple gestures like offering her a seat or opening doors for her is definitely a plus.
  • Be a good listener
    It is a fact that Asian women are not very fond of talking. They are shy. But if one does talk, make sure to listen to what she has to say and pay careful attention. If she is cordial towards you, you are lucky because that means that she trusts you enough to want to share what she has in mind.
  • Offer to pay for the date
    Not all Asian women want to have the man pay for dinner. Some do want to share the bill – some even want to pay for it themselves. However, because of the dating culture in Asia, it is only proper that you offer to pay for the date. If she wants to share or pay for it herself, gratefully accept it. It’s not every day that an Asian woman likes you enough to treat you on your date.

Asian Dating Deal Breakers

Dating is a delicate balance between romance and good etiquette. Leave those two behind and you’ll end up with a ruined date. Asian women take dating seriously as it is a stepping stone towards marriage.

These are some of the deal breakers that are highly discouraged when dating Asian women:

  • Unhygienic
    Two words: Clean up. Be presentable when you are going out on a date. Do remember that you want to impress her, not offend her with your appearance. A clean looking man is always a delight to behold.
  • Being too aggressive
    If it is your first date, it is discouraged to be too aggressive towards your Asian date. Unlike most western women who like a tough guy persona, Asian women want a knight in shining armor kind of guy. They want to feel safe when they are with you. If she is not comfortable doing something, do not force her.
  • At a loss for words
    Asian women are shy. They are timid as well. While they are smart and can speak English fluently, they tend to rely on the man to do most of the talking. If you are frequently at a loss for words when you are out dating, chances are she'll get bored and will not want to go out with you again. The reason why some Asian women prefer to date foreign men is that Asian men are also timid like them.
  • Almost always late for a date
    Tardiness is never a good thing even when dating. When you are frequently late for a date, or say, you are late for your first date, she might think that you are not that interested in her and will most probably move on to look for someone who is. Better yet, pick her up at her place.
  • Too self-absorbed
    No one likes a selfish guy. Do not keep the limelight on you, instead, focus on her. Make her feel special and wanted. Always thinking about yourself and your feelings will only show her that you think less of her.

Asian Date Ideas

When in Asia, there is no limit to the dating possibilities. Whether you like indoors or outdoors, or whether you prefer a simple date or something out-of-the-ordinary, Asia is the best place to be.

Enhance your Asian women dating experience and try out these dating ideas that will surely make your dates memorable and exciting.

  • Going on a workout date
    Asian women are known to be naturally lean and slim. Nevertheless, they work hard when it comes to fitness. For an out-of-the-ordinary date, take her to the gym and workout with her. They say that a couple who sweats together, stays together. Not only will you enjoy her company, but you will also stay healthy.
  • Enjoy an outdoor picnic
    Bond through food, bond through nature. You can make just about any Asian woman smile with these two things. In Asia, food is life. A full belly translates into happiness. Partner that with nature and you’ll see her smile the whole day. Asians love the outdoors and nature. For them, there is something adventurous about being one with nature and you should take advantage of that.
  • Tour the city
    If you are traveling outside the country, it would be counterproductive if you set touring the city aside. It would beat the purpose of your trip. So what’s better than doing that while meeting and enjoying the company of a beautiful Asian woman? Take her out on a tour and enjoy the sights and sounds together. She may be a local, but the feeling of touring around even in your own hometown feels equally wonderful.
  • Stroll along the beach
    The beaches. What more can I say? For one, it is a romantic venue, especially during the night. Imagine yourself holding hands, strolling along the pristine beach with the sound of crashing waves at your feet and the sight of shining stars above. Melts just about an Asian woman’s heart.
  • Go karaoke
    Yes, you read that right. Karaoke! If you haven’t heard yet, Asians have a thing for karaoke. They may not be the best singers in the world, but the happiness that they get from singing their hearts out is definitely ecstatic. Sing along and share happiness. For sure, a bond created through happiness is what you will form with your Asian date.
  • Shopping spree
    No need to spend too much. Just go out there and take her shopping. While looking at the items for sale, you can talk about your interests. This way, you’ll get an idea of her likes. You can then use this opportunity to surprise her with a gift. After all, Asia is well known for its famous shopping districts.

At the end of the day, it all depends on how you treat her during the date. Practicing proper dating etiquette is important if you want to have a hassle-free and enjoyable date. If you want to learn more about the dating culture of Asia, its women, and guides and tips from expert matchmakers on how to date Asian women, then don’t hesitate to join us and sign up for FREE! Every minute you waste brings you farther away from your perfect Asian bride. Join us now and be a part of the best matchmakers in the world!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 29 March, 2023 - Tuesday, 4 April, 2023
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