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Craigslist versus Asian Love Mates

Whether you are a techie or not, meeting people online has become so easy that just about anyone can take part in it. With thousands of free online dating sites out there, how do you distinguish between a mediocre site from one that takes your online dating experience to the next level?

The answer is easy: use the internet. Only then will you realize that two of the few sites that are considered to be the best in the industry are Craigslist and Asian Love Mates. While the other one caters to more than just online dating, the other dedicates itself and all of its resources to helping men like you find the perfect Asian woman.

What Is Craigslist?

Started in 1995, Craigslist, a US-based advertising website, back then catered mostly to classified advertisements. It became a big hit to Americans as it was one of the pioneers when it comes to technological advancement of online marketing. Over the years, Craigslist added more categories to its roster: job listings, resumes, items for sale, real estate, and the like.

It was not until the early 2000s when Craigslist ventured into the online dating industry. At the time, online dating was merely a shadow of what it has become today. There were not a lot of personalization or account customization you can do. Craigslist Personals was introduced as a category that was somewhat similar to most classified advertisements.

In this category, users would create “classified advertisements” of themselves, hoping someone would take interest and contact them. While this was a breakthrough back then—bridging what could be more than a thousand people day in and day out even when they are several hundred miles away—it was not as polished as most online dating sites and marriage agencies that we have today.

Users are able to create descriptions and upload photos of themselves, and that was basically it. What made it a tad inferior to most dating sites now is the fact that users can communicate freely using outside messaging applications or media. This made it risky for users. This category became even more controversial as it turned into something that promoted the proliferation of prostitution. Moreover, the issue of minors getting in on the action became alarming. In 2002, a disclaimer was placed on some dating categories that when you sign up, you have to be 18 years old or older. However, some categories like the “men seeking men,” “casual encounters,” “erotic services,” and “rants and raves” were not provided the same disclaimer.

Nonetheless, Craigslist was credited much of the success of the online dating industry during its onset. As of now, several hundreds of other sites that offer online dating service have stepped up and improved much on what Craigslist lacked. One such site is, of course, Asian Love Mates.

Random Personals

Unlike most dating sites, the Craigslist Personals are random. Once you create an “advertisement” of yourself, you will be sorted out according to the time you created your Personal. There are no other site features that will enable users to filter and sort Personals according to their preferences.

No Verification

Craigslist Personals are not verified, and as such, just about any user can create his own Personal without having to provide correct and accurate details. This system makes it easy for posers and/or predators to make anonymous Personals to take advantage of possible victims. The process of account verification is important since it basically associates an account to an individual user and therefore, if the account is deemed to have been used in illegal activities, the associated user can be held accountable.

Meetups Are NOT Secured

When the Craigslist Personals section was created, one can only imagine that there was not much thought given when it comes to security. At a glimpse, Craigslist is an OK site. However, when you think about the risks, you cannot help but wonder if you, as a user, are safe.

The problem with Craigslist’s Personals section is the fact that users can interact freely without restrictions. While communicating, users can ask for personal information and plan meetups amongst themselves. This method proves to be very risky due to the fact that predators can take advantage of it and lure unsuspecting men or women to meet up with them.

Since these meetups are not facilitated by Craigslist themself, anything and everything can go wrong real quick.

What Is Asian Love Mates?

Asian Love Mates is a site that is dedicated to online dating and international marriage. With over two decades of experience in the online dating industry, Asian Love Mates is proud to say that we’ve seen more successful marriages and engagements than any other matchmaking site out there.

Not only do we provide the best matchmaking services, we also take care of our clients. Right from the moment you sign up, we can assure you that we always got your back. You can use our dating guides and tips, blogs, and articles about the different cultures of Asia, places to visit in Asia, and of course, our expert matchmakers are always present to give you expert advise when it comes to dating and finding your perfect match.

Presence of a Company Name

When you sign up for a service that you need, it is important to make sure that you are choosing to be part of something that is reputable and trustworthy. That being said, a company name is definitely an important factor in choosing a matchmaking agency. After all, we are talking about your future here.

With a reputable company name, Asian Love Mates boasts more positive reviews than any other site. This can be credited to our more than two decades of background experience in online dating. We have come so far that we were able to polish and improve on the shortcomings of other matchmaking agencies.


If you think that the presence of a company name is not enough, then we are proud to say that we have authenticity to back up our reputation. With an authentic list of single Asian women, you can be sure that you are talking to real people. Every profile on our list is carefully monitored and moderated according to standards that we have set.

Our services are also one of the most authentic in the industry. It has been proven time and again through our socials and events that we have stuck with our vision helping men like you to find Asian women that you can eventually marry.

Meetups Are Secured

One of our highlights are our socials tours that we put together regularly. These meetups are personally facilitated by our staff, and therefore, you can be assured that you will be getting your money’s and, of course, your effort’s worth.

All the single Asian women on our tours are interviewed and have had been background checked before being accepted into the occasion. This eliminates your fear of being scammed or duped by a total stranger from a far away place.

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Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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