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Small Romantic Gestures Your Asian Partner Will Love This National Lover’s Day

When was the last time you made your partner feel loved and appreciated?

In relationships, saying “I love you” regularly is important, but it is not enough. You need to accompany it with loving actions, especially if you’re dating an Asian woman. Most Asian women do not ask for much from their partners. They only want time and attention, and you know when’s the perfect day to go all out with that?

National Lover’s Day.

Asian girl holding a glass flower.
Contrary to popular belief, small gestures in a relationship matter more than grand gestures.

Similar to Valentine’s Day, Lover’s Day is a special day where couples get to celebrate their love, making it the perfect opportunity for you to surprise your Asian lover with something fit for the occasion.

To help you, here is a list of small romantic gestures your Asian partner will surely love:

Communicate Your Appreciation

Is your partner’s love language words of affirmation?

If so, all you have to do is communicate your affection. You can do this by saying kind words or telling her how much you appreciate her. Never use discouraging phrases. Rather, use encouraging ones that show how you truly love her.

Words of affirmation is a simple act but is one of the most powerful romantic gestures. Now, don’t get confused. It goes way beyond just saying “I love you.” In fact, there are a variety of ways to say those three words to your partner.

Here are a few ways to express your love to your partner through words other than “I love you.”

  • Give her compliments.

When was the last time you complimented her?

Receiving compliments is a wonderful thing. It’s even better when it comes from someone you love. This Lover’s say, shower your Asian partner with a sea of compliments. Tell her how beautiful she is. Thank her for taking care of your children. Send her a little intimate message. Say something that will make her heart flutter.

  • Write her a love letter.

Call it old-fashioned, but no one can deny that receiving a love letter is romantic. It is a hundred times better than receiving a confession through text.

It may be difficult to talk about your feelings or write about them. However, National Lover’s Day only happens once a year, so force yourself to write a love letter.

You don’t have to write like Shakespeare. Just dig deep in your heart. Remember the things that made you fall in love with her. Appreciate the little things that she has done.

  • Record a romantic message.

Afraid that she can’t read your handwriting? Then, record a lovely message.

Take a video of yourself when she’s not around. You can also do a voice-over with your pictures and videos together.

Just make sure that your voice is audible, and that your video is of high quality. This way, your message is delivered clearly.

Make Her Feel like a Queen

Think about it. Women are usually the ones doing the household chores. They wake up early to prepare for everything. They also sleep late to make sure that your house is not in chaos. They are working themselves to the bone every single day.

That said, why not do something different this Lover’s Day?

Turn the table. Let her relax while you do all the activities that she usually does. Show off your cooking skills. Wash all the dishes and the laundry. Surprise her with breakfast in bed. Make her feel like the queen that she truly is.

Do Something New Together

Have you tried new things with your partner lately? If not, then you may need to reconsider having quality time with her.

Why? Because according to Dr. Laurel Steinberg, new experiences actually help a lot in your relationship. It activates the brain’s reward system. This will then flood it with norepinephrine and dopamine, which are the same chemicals that trigger romantic love.

However, you don’t have to go out to do something meaningful. Join an online class about something you’re both interested in. Play a new video game. Try watching new genres of TV shows and films. There are a lot of small romantic gestures for her that you can do together.

Impress Her with Thoughtful Gifts

Gift-giving is another way to express your love and gratitude. It is one of the most popular small gestures in a relationship, but that doesn’t make it less effective.

It is actually the easiest thing to do when this is your partner’s love language. Because women who like to give presents also appreciate receiving gifts.

Doing this doesn’t even have to cost a lot of money. There’s no need to buy expensive gifts. You may not even need to spend anything at all. Just get crafty with your present. Remember, it’s the thought that actually matters.

Here are gift ideas to give to your Asian partner:

  • Give her a handmade gift.

Personally-handcrafted gifts are always a good idea. It is thoughtful. You can personalize it depending on your partner’s preference. It can also save money. Most importantly, it’s made with love.

  • Buy her favorite.

Have a hard time picking out your gift?

There’s no need to look far and wide for the perfect present. Just look for the things that she likes. This can be her favorite flower or fave dessert. What matters is that you remember the little things about her.

  • Give her a useful gift.

Is your partner having a hard time with her coffee brewer? Has she run out of her favorite shade of lipstick? Then get her one.

Find things that are important to her. She will surely appreciate your eagerness. Besides, giving her something that she can use shows that you care.

Asian woman in a white long sleeve.
Want to impress your Asian partner? Here are powerful romantic gestures to consider.

Show Interest in Her

Here’s one thing about relationships: You have different ideas and values. Being a couple doesn’t mean that you have to think the same. You should also not force yourself to do things that she likes. Just understand and respect each other’s beliefs.

A romantic gesture for her that you can do is to listen. Ask about her day. Show interest in her hobbies or work. Let her talk about the things that she loves or hates. Listen carefully to everything. Be the partner that she deserves.

The Wonders of Small Gestures

Small romantic gestures are the best way to say “I love you.”

In fact, a study by Saeideh Heshmat showed that loving actions matter the most. These are the daily small gestures. Like giving compliments and doing any acts of service. Not those over-the-top romantic acts that couples do on holidays.

Of course, big gestures are nice. But what you do on a daily basis to make your Asian partner happy is more important. It sustains your relationship. She feels loved, even with your little romantic acts.

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