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Qualities Asian Women Find Attractive in Men

A photo of a lovely Asian woman.
Good looks alone aren’t enough to sweep Asian women off their feet.

Foreign men are said to favour Asian women more as a dating and marrying choice. Although they are among those who end up receiving the most admiration, only a few out of these men succeed in winning an Asian woman’s heart.

That’s mostly because many foreign men believe that women have similar preferences in men. Such men believe that great physical attributes will always be at the top of the list of qualities women find attractive in males.

As a result, whenever they try to date women from Asia, they presume that being physically appealing should be enough to win these ladies over. These women, on the other hand, are sensible enough not to commit to a relationship only because someone is physically attractive.

Because after physical attraction fades off, a relationship most often becomes short-lived.

These women try to stay away from short-term relationships as much as they can. To ensure this, they established several qualities which will determine whether or not a man is attractive.

If you are among those men who genuinely want an Asian woman in their lives, take a look at this list below that details exactly the characteristics they find attractive in men.

Certainty and Independence

With the passage of time and the continuous debunking of the harmful perceptions that enclose them, most ladies from Asia now regard themselves as self-sufficient, motivated, and independent.

Generally speaking, many Asian men feel less confident in their identities, causing many Asian females to seek out confident men abroad. This is embodied in different researches as to why women from Asia prefer to date western men over Asian men. They’re looking for men who characterize themselves as confident, certain, and are risk-takers.

These women wouldn’t want to spend much of their time on untrusty and unsustainable men. While they still find shy men charming, they are more interested in men they can rely on; men who’ve already defined themselves and are independent.

Excellent Sense of Humor

Both in and outside of Asia, a lot of women find men with a great sense of humor more appealing than those who are simply attractive physically. Women admire men who can bring a smile on their faces, and this is an implicit but established reality.

After all, who wouldn’t want to see themselves with a man who can make things better with his quick wit and humor? Who, simply put, wouldn’t want to live a better, happier life?

A photo of a laughing couple while looking at each other.
A great sense of humor is among the top qualities women find attractive in men.

Furthermore, being able to toss funny remarks is a trait most people equate with intelligence. Men who love making others laugh are more likely to get along with everyone.

From the standpoint of an Asian woman, a man’s sense of humor will prove to be very helpful when he finally meets her family. This trait will not just be appealing for her, however for her family, as well.

Gaining their approval and respect is better with a good-natured guy who knows when and when not to crack jokes.

Optimism and Drive

Who wouldn’t have any desire to be with a man who has well-defined objectives in life and is committed to achieving them?

Asian females greatly favor men who are confident of their goals and have the courage needed to pursue them. Men with aspirations and goals are a plus because it indicates that they are determined to build a great, happy life.

Even so, these men’s optimistic disposition must be well-positioned.

Having aspirations isn’t sufficient if the best approach to arriving at such is through exploiting others. Regardless of how ambitious a man can become, he must never underestimate the value of “respect.”

When a man is both driven and polite, he not just wins the respect and appreciation of an Asian woman, but of her entire family, too.

Trustworthiness and Reliability

Being honest and the willingness to open up to the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with are undeniably, the most attractive traits in a man.

Accordingly, being true and sincere are among the top characteristics that Asian women consider praiseworthy in men.

This honesty includes not only having to tell the pleasant realities, but also not choosing to disregard the painful and unpleasant truths. They must never succumb to dishonesty, regardless of how frustrating the reality might be on one or the other side.

Because in any case, what counts more is the eagerness to address such painful truths, the strive to improve oneself, and to try not to be in such a circumstance once more.

Being trustworthy is built on the basis of honesty, which is a necessary component of a healthy relationship. If a man lacks reliability and honesty, he will never be a man of dignity and will be susceptible to infidelity.


Women from Asia are mostly drawn to men who are enthusiastic about their career and the things that they do. When a man is certain about things he enjoys, it is a massive turn on for them.

A photo of a couple in front of a laptop.
Passionate men are more likely to commit to long term relationships.

This is because passionate men rarely settle for second best and always strive to be the best in anything that they do. Since these men are never apprehensive about commitments, they’re most likely to engage in long term relationships. They are much superior to other men since they do not consider surrendering as a choice when faced with difficult situations.

When it comes to relationships, Asian ladies consider them ideal as they have similar viewpoints. They are both opposed to hook-ups and are more intent on settling down in the future.

Thoughtful and Selfless

Altruism is another significant trait that Asian women admire in men. This personality trait or feature is especially appealing to Southeast Asian women, who are mostly identified for being selfless and stressing the importance of having to put others first.

They needn’t bother with a man who would speak out and condemn them – particularly when they provide or give their families far too much support.

They need someone with a compassionate and kind heart; someone who will uphold and encourage them in whichever makes them feel happy and better.

These women seek to be around someone who sees fulfillment in helping them achieve their life goals and aspirations. Not only do they have ambitions for themselves, but they also have dreams for their dear ones.

How To Survive a Long Distance Relationship with An Asian Woman

If you’re living in a different country and your girlfriend is from another country, long-distance relationships can be challenging. Being physically apart can take a toll on each partner. Thankfully, modern technology allows you to keep in touch with dating asian women.

  • Communicate to feel connected.

Some couples might feel more connected talking every day. Others might find that tedious. Discuss what works for both of you and make sure both of you are on the same page.

  • Be supportive.

At some point in your relationship, your partner might ask if you’re going to be here for them. The answer is yes. You can’t physically be there but knowing that they can lean on you emotionally, doesn’t make your relationship any less important.

  • Take an interest in their life.

Develop a secure attachment to your partner’s interests. Find a way to stay connected and keep pushing each other forward. Whether it’s celebrating small achievements or supporting your partner’s hobbies, personal growth and change are healthy in a relationship.

  • Play games together.

Do both of you love playing games? Explore fun games to keep yourselves engaged. It’s a refreshing way to get to know your partner and adds an element of playfulness to your relationship.

  • Schedule In-Person Visits

Sometimes it’s tough to continue a long-distance relationship with limited face time options. One partner might start to feel lonely and disconnected. When this happens, scheduling an in-person visit can remedy the disconnected feeling.

No matter what methods you try to connect with each other, it still counts toward building a strong relationship with your girlfriend. Don’t be afraid to try out something new together. Cherish the moments you have with each other and live in the present moment.

What Qualifies a Man to Love an Asian Woman

These women, as noted, are not the kind who only give interest at a man’s physical features. Asian women seek qualities that go far beyond what so many women, in general, search for in a companion. These women firmly do not want to commit to a relationship based solely on physical attraction.

They’re only after men who embrace them for who and what they are, and are ready to grant them the consideration and care they most merit.

They are into men who are willing to perceive how influential Asian women can become in their lives and will put forth admirable efforts to express their sincere commitment and love to them. Only then are they able to qualify to love an Asian woman and be worthy of having to be loved back.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 22 March, 2023 - Tuesday, 28 March, 2023
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