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How to Impress Asian Women

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Understand how to impress women to land a date.

Some guys aren’t aware of the importance of eye contact. Some guys aren’t aware of the behaviors that they need to display in order to woo Asian women. But most guys need to be somewhat impressive in order to stand out and distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack.

The need to distinguish oneself can be very important. After all, if you’re using a dating service to chase a certain type of woman, chances are that you’re not the only patron who is using the same service. Which means that there are going to be a lot of other guys around you, and that means that you can get lost in the shuffle.

It is important not to be just a face in the crowd. You should also be able to stand out in a good way and make a positive impression. Sometimes it can be as little as good eye contact, which is why it is important to look at examples of good eye contact.

But while it is important to be memorable, to stand out in some way, standing out and being memorable is not all that great if it is in a way that does not present you in a good light. Because it’s not just enough to be memorable, but you need to be memorable in a positive way so as to make a good impression and increase your chances of making a match.

To make her regard you in a positive way, it helps to remember the following:

1. Cultural Understanding

A lot of guys who try to woo an Asian woman often fly out to the continent armed with a few romantic phrases that they searched on the internet. But many guys often forget about the cultural meaning attached to those phrases.

So learning even a basic understanding of the culture can help a man get a leg up when it comes to wooing the women. Understanding her culture can be a way to signal a woman that you are willing to understand her. Showing that you accept her (not just her language or culture) can help make a great impression on an Asian female.

2. Playing Dress Up

Another great way to impress someone is to dress up for someone. Clothes are sometimes an outward expression of what is inside, after all. What you put on can be indicative of what you feel inside.

Dressing up is also a great way of showing a willingness to put some effort into your appearance, and maybe into a relationship as well. Being able to show that you’re willing to put effort into a relationship, or at least signal that you are, can go a long way towards landing a date.

Plus, dressing up can help make you look good. If you show up looking like a schlub, then you’re going to get treated like one and get passed over. You don’t need to look like you came straight out of a men’s magazine, but you do need to to look like you had a care to the clothes you put on.

3. Perfect Posture

Sometimes, knowing how to impress women is as simple as standing up straight.

A lot of people neglect their posture. That’s to be expected, given that a lot of people spend their time hunched over a desk at work. But having good posture can be an understated way of impressing a woman.

Plus there’s one added benefit of proper posture; it makes you look taller, and women generally tend to prefer men who are a little bit taller. But not everyone gets to be six feet and over, so you may have to stand up straight to work with what you got.

Also, standing up straight can be good for your back. Not having back pain can be great for a man who wants to date women who might be a lot younger than him since it can slow him down.

4. Look At Her

Some guys will talk to a woman and stare at the floor. Some guys will look at things other than the face or eyes when talking to a woman, but that can be considered rude.

Why is eye contact important? Because it’s respectful and it’s also generally a safe way to look at someone. It is also a great way to pay attention to someone, or at least look like it.

5. Smell Good

The sense that is probably most closely linked to memory is smell, which means that it’s going to be important for a man to smell like he didn’t just finish rooting around a dumpster. Which is why bathing is an important facet of dating.

But some guys like to go the extra mile when it comes to how they smell. They don’t just use soap and deodorant; they also put on cologne.

Now, travel can make bringing cologne complicated since the bottles containing liquid may not be allowed on a carry-on. But the thing about airports is that they have duty free shops, which generally have a pretty good selection of colognes from high-end brands available for sale. So you can buy a bottle when you step off the plane to meet Asian women.

6. Have Fun With It

It’s also important to have fun with it. Relationships are supposed to be happy, and one great indicator of how happy a relationship can be is if the courtship stage is fun. So it’s important to have fun while you’re dating. Because if you can’t have fun, you may not be able to be happy.

Plus, having fun can make you looser and less anxious, which can be very beneficial to anyone who is trying to land a date with or keep on dating another human being with feelings and preferences of their own.

There’s no one sure way of impressing a woman. Some people like to use flash and other people wait a while until the opportunity to use substance arises. Either way, they find ways to make themselves more impressive and more memorable.

There’s no real way to make a good impression to woo Asian women, but there are a few steps that can be taken to make the task a little easier.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 22 March, 2023 - Tuesday, 28 March, 2023
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