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Escalating a Relationship with Asian Women : Step By Step

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There comes a point in a relationship where a man believes he should be escalating to the next stage. He knows that he’s done it, that’s he’s managed to find love. He went through the dating sites for singles and found a person that he’s more than happy to spend the rest of his life with.

Of course, one perils of international dating is that it’s international in nature. Which means that the person the man has fallen for is not just from an entirely different zip code, but also a different country or continent entirely. That’s not exactly ideal in a relationship.

Another peril in online dating might be when it comes to moving forward. If you meet someone on one of those totally free online dating sites, you may not be aware of when it’s best to escalate. Not everyone does, and relationships of the online variety can be even trickier than the others.

But there are ways to escalate in the relationship, even if the relationship is long-distance in nature. These moves aren’t always big and they don’t always make the relationships take big leaps forward.

They can help to facilitate incremental steps. For those who want to find an Asian partner, applying these steps might be a bit more challenging considering the distance. However, they are still necessary if you want to settle down with an Asian wife.

Take the Leap

The first step in moving forward is to actually move. Too often, people find themselves paralyzed by fear. The first thing that you should do to find your perfect match is to actually sign up, whether it’s for free online dating or for a more curated experience.

Sign up for a service and find your soulmate among the single women who are also looking for love, just like you. More and more Asian women are now trying to find love, so it wouldn’t be a stretch for you to meet and get in touch with one online.

Define the Relationship

Most couples find defining their relationship to be the first step. Is the relationship platonic in nature?

If it is romantic, what kind? Is it something that is going to lead to more than just a fling?

Couples should be on the same page on where the relationship is before it can escalate.

Set Goals

If your relationship has to deal with distance you’re going to have to set some goals for the relationship. These goals are not milestones. They are checkpoints that you and your partner should pass in order to be together.

The ultimate goal of any such relationship is to be together. Now, this may not be an immediate goal. There can be smaller goals that help escalate the relationship.

One such goal can be taking a trip together, going to a new place alien to the both of you, somewhere you’re both in unfamiliar territory. Better yet, visit her in her country.

That would surely show her how much you care. A small goal like that can help to tide the two of you over until you can achieve the ultimate goal. On the plus side, you get to visit another country. There are plenty of attractions in Asia worth visiting.

Because Asians are so hospitable, it’s no wonder western men easily fall in love with the local women.

Move In

Okay, say you and your partner achieve your ultimate goal of living in the same country, in the same city, and in the same time zone (and maybe even in the same home). That’s great, because that’s what you wanted, someone to be with.

Now, if you and your lover share the same home, there are a few changes that have to be made. The thing about being in a romantic relationship with another person is that there is invariably going to be the subject of the other person going to have their own wants and needs in regards to the shared space.

So when you and your partner start sharing the same home, you’re both going to have to make some adjustments. After all, going from living alone to living with another person is going to be an adjustment. There are going to be some growing pains involved in the whole affair. Maybe making some space in the closet and installing a new drawer can help make the transition easier since it gives the new occupant space to put their clothes in.

Asian women, in particular, would not hesitate to immigrate to another country to be with their partners. But another possible side effect of visiting her country is you might find yourself agreeing to it enough to want to actually live there. You certainly wouldn’t be the first expat to do so.


One thing that you can do to escalate the relationship forward is to get engaged. This means getting a ring, getting down on one knee, asking your lover for their hand in marriage, hoping, she says yes, and should they react positively, slip said ring on to their finger.

Plus, getting engaged to someone can help them move to your country since some governments don’t mind it all that much if their citizens marry foreign nationals. So an engagement can help to escalate the relationship further. Some countries wait between engagement and marriage before they get involved.

Actually Get Married

Most countries place time limits on engagement visas. It’s important to get married. Some time limits can be around ninety days. Now, ninety days can seem like a lot of time, but it’s not actually all that much. Three months is not that much time to plan a wedding and get married while also adjusting to each other.

But there are few moves that can be made that can advance the progress of a relationship further than actually getting married and walking down the aisle. It’s the ultimate form of commitment. You basically promise to love someone until one of you dies and maybe even after that.

Relationships have stages. They have milestones and they have checkpoints. Now, couples can pass these milestones and checkpoints at their own pace.

Some couples circumvent these checkpoints and milestones entirely. But the checkpoints and milestones are not the important factor. Sure, they’re important, but not the most important.

The most important thing is that the couple does it together, that two people find their perfect match.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 22 March, 2023 - Tuesday, 28 March, 2023
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