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Dating Deal Breakers of Asian Women

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Here are some dating deal breakers you need to avoid when dating Asian women.

People can tolerate a few mistakes here and there, especially when you didn’t mean them. However, there are just some totally intolerable to funny deal breakers that even the most considerate Asian women would not let pass. Some are quite obvious but there are others that are quite surprising. Regardless, it helps to be aware of what these are to win the heart of an Asian woman.

Not committing any relationship red flags and deal breakers (or at least making a few harmless ones) is crucial if you want to go on the first, second, or more dates so that you can progress toward a long term relationship. To achieve that, she has to have a more than favorable impression of you.

Generally, it’s the same with most women but sometimes, Asian ladies may have some different viewpoints than their Western counterparts regarding dating deal breakers. Unless you know a bit about their dating culture, you may evade committing the worst cultural deal breakers there are. Here are some of the most common, in general:


This is at the top of the list of common deal breakers. Lies in any form would always screw up relationships once they’re discovered. If not on your first few dates, but deception (once it is revealed) can hamper the journey toward the long haul.

When dating online, there are users that make up or exaggerate some of the things they put on their profile, such as their age, height, and even weight. While your date may let you get away with these, that means you should lie about the more important aspects about yourself. Some women would leave you in a heartbeat if they discovered you lied about your marital status.

If you claim to be single but actually still married to an estranged spouse, that would be a great mistake.

Canceling dates at the last minute

Sometimes, unexpected things can happen which can cause you to break your appointments, especially dates. Once is enough. But if you cancel dates with her more than once and always at the last minute (no matter the reason), it’s a sign for her to look elsewhere.

Lack of ambition

This includes being unemployed. If your date asks you about your occupation that doesn’t make her a gold digger. She simply wants to know if your life has direction and if you would be an equal player in the relationship.

Being out of work can give her the impression that you are not where you want to be and, perhaps, your lack of ambition. However, you need not panic and you don’t need to take the first job you’re offered either. Certainly not, if your sole purpose is just to score a date.

On the other hand, being employed is not enough if you still lack ambition and goals. Without some lofty goals to work on and look forward to, you would seem uninteresting.

Bad hygiene

Obviously, bad hygiene is a huge turn off. What woman wants to date a man who doesn’t take care of himself nor doesn’t make an effort in looking and smelling presentable? No one, of course.

But you shouldn’t stop at just having proper hygiene. You may look as impeccable as you want, but if you leave a mess everywhere you go, she would still think you are a slob (a vain slob, in particular).

Being negligent of your health and body

You don’t have to be an athlete or need to even look like one; but if you’re not taking care of yourself, you’re placing the burden of your wellbeing on everyone around you. Just as it is bothersome for you to clean up someone else’s mess (even that of your date), making other people worry about your health causes just as much inconvenience.

And if you won’t bother taking care of yourself, your date might also get the impression that you wouldn’t take care of her.

If you still live with your parents... or your ex

This may or may not be a deal-breaker to an Asian woman because in Asia for grown-up children to still live with their parents so that they could easily take over the household. But if you are living with your parents because you still rely on them, your lack of independence would be a turn-off.

An even bigger turn-off would be if she found out you were still living with your ex. In fact, remaining in contact with your partner is disturbing enough, but still living with her just spells a whole slew of personality issues. A smart woman would steer clear of a man who is still deeply attached to his ex.

Taking your friends to your date

How do you expect to know someone on date when your friends are in the way? Besides, if you bring your pals along, then that no longer qualifies as a date. More importantly, she might get the impression that you just want to be friends with her.

Being a loner

If going out on a date with your friends isn’t good, being a loner isn’t either. Women want to date men who have deep friendships or healthy connections with people. If you don’t have any close friends or family, then your date may have trouble connecting with you as well.

Treating the waiter/waitress poorly

All dating experts agree on one thing: That you can tell a lot about a man on how he treats the people in the service profession. If you treat a hardworking staff restaurant rudely, then that speaks volumes about you. Your date might end up thinking that you would eventually treat her the same way.

Smoking or arriving on a date while drunk

You might want to loosen it up before meeting your beautiful Asian date, but avoid getting tipsy or drunk. To her, it just means that you don’t care about keeping yourself together, and much more with smoking. This habit is very disgusting for almost every non-smoker out there.

If you’re dating Asian women, keep in mind these dating deal breakers.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 22 May, 2024 - Tuesday, 28 May, 2024
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